The vast majority of students in Year 13 go on to university. The Sixth Form Team are successful in supporting students to access Oxbridge and Russell Group universities to students alongside the wealth of other excellent Further Education pathways students can follow.

All students in Year 12 complete the UEA Pre-University Skills course. This course was designed by lecturers to prepare A-level students for the demands of degree courses and this inevitably has a positive, and proven, impact on student performance at A-level.

At the end of Year 12, students and parents are provided with structured guidance and support regarding applications to university from members of staff who have been to both Cambridge and Russell Group universities alongside visiting speakers from UEA.

Some students choose to pursue apprenticeships or complete an organised GAP year. Throughout the Sixth Form, students will have a chance to hear from speakers in from a range of providers and go on visits to local events and businesses. Students can also access one-to-one advice and support from the IACG Co-ordinator at any stage.