Parents Evenings

Parents Evenings are listed in the School Calendar.  Each year group has a Parents Evening which would normally start at 4.30 and are held in the North Hall, Annex and Gym.  Main school evenings [Year 7-11] are arranged by A-Z using teaching staff surnames while the Sixth Form evenings are by subject department.

Parents Evenings are also mentioned in the Academy Prospectus.

Year 7 Settling in Evening:  12th October
Year 10 Parents Evening: 1st November
Year 9 Parents Evening: 14th November
Year 12 Parents Evening: 6th December
Year 11 Parents Evening: 7th February
Year 13 Parents Evening: 1st March
Year 7 Parents Evening (1): 9th May
Year 7 Parents Evening (2): 22nd May