Inclusion Team
At Wymondham High we are very proud of the behaviour of our pupils. We believe it is vitally important to ensure the pupils and students are treated consistently and that they understand the reasons for our school rules. As a community we have clear guidelines about what happens when a child makes the wrong choices. These are contained in the Behaviour Policy [below]. We have a dedicated Inclusion team whose role it is to ensure that behaviour is modified to allow pupils to engage in lessons and make excellent progress. The Inclusion Team do not have teaching commitments and can therefore dedicate all of their time towards addressing any issues that arise.

Mr G Fleetham – [email protected] Ext 340
Mrs G Thetford – [email protected] Ext 324
Mr K Oakshott – [email protected] Ext 328
Ms C Tumber – [email protected] Ext 329
Mrs A Ellis – [email protected] Ext 306

Anti-Bullying Policy
We take incidents of bullying very seriously and have a low number of recorded incidents of bullying across the Academy. However, we apply a consistent standard to ensure that pupils within our community do not adopt aggressive attitudes toward one another. Our values are instilled within our anti-bullying policy [below].

Wellbeing Team
In addition to our Inclusion Team, we have a dedicated wellbeing service which includes two Wellbeing Officers.

These adults support our young people by providing a drop-in centre for breaks and lunchtimes, 1:1 sessions and small group intervention work.

The Wellbeing Support Officers are able to work with students who wish to engage with support for their emotional wellbeing.  Where further support is required, referrals to external services can be made.

[email protected]
Mrs D Joseph – [email protected] Ext 316
Mrs C Watker – [email protected] Ext 275