Pupil Premium

The Pupil Premium Grant supports disadvantaged students in order to diminish the difference in attainment between them and their peers.  It is intended to offer appropriate support in order to address current underlying inequalities between students eligible for Free School Meals (FSM), either now or in the past six years (Ever 6FSM) and children looked after by the state.

We believe the PPG should enhance the life chances of pupils, including moving on to appropriate providers post-16/18, having excellent attendance and being confident and responsible young people.

The impact of our Pupil Premium spend (in terms of academic achievement and wider school achievement) is monitored by the Governors Pupil Premium Committee, the meetings of which are held every half term.   Our named Governor for Pupil Premium is Mr Mike Heard and the Senior Leadership lead is Miss Amanda Black (Assistant Principal).  This committee is responsible for holding to account the Senior Leadership Team of the school for its expenditure on individual children.  The supporting documentation provided to the committee is included on this page.  These documents will also prove useful for parents in understanding how the school manages the Pupil Premium budget.  If you have any questions relating to Pupil Premium, these can be sent directly [email protected].

WHA Pupil Premium Governors Training – Nov 2017
Governors key questions – Nov 2017
Effective support for disadvantaged pupils achievement
DFE-RS411 Supporting the attainment of disadvantaged pupils – briefing_f…
Pupil Premium WyHigh October 2017

Impact of the Pupil Premium Grant

This support is monitored and led by the Associate Principal and Vice Principal to ensure that targeted support leads to the improved academic progress of students within this cohort. As a result of the pupil premium support and the initiatives in the School Development Plan, for diminishing the difference, we are beginning to see the gap close in lower school.


Pupil Premium Review Questions

Pupil Premium Plan 2017-18

Free School Meals Application Form