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The present House system at Wymondham High School was set up in 1975.

Macmillan House is named after Douglas Macmillan who, in 1911, founded Cancer Relief, known as the 'Cancer Relief Macmillan Fund'. This organisation raises money for:

  1. Funding Macmillan nurses
  2. Training doctors and nurses in cancer care
  3. Building special cancer care units
  4. Providing financial help, practical support and information for people with cancer


The House is named after Douglas Macmillan because his foundation:

  • Benefits the community in which we live
  • Provides care for children with cancer and support for their parents
  • Recognises the importance of education and training
  • Illustrates how team work, commitment and dedication can improve the world in which we live


Our aims are:

  1. To understand Macmillan's reasons for starting this venture
  2. To try and emulate the ideas of the organisation with regard to education, training and caring, and to provide financial support for the fund
  3. To bring to the notice of pupils the plight of people who need care in the community
  4. To encourage pupils to have a positive and enlightened view and an optimistic picture of the advances that are being made in the treatment of cancer and in the care of patients with the disease

I Cook
Head of Macmillan House