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Ellis House was established in 1975 when Wymondham High School adopted the current House system. By dividing the school into smaller House groups we are able to provide a close, caring environment in which all pupils can flourish, feel a sense of belonging and contribute to the life of their school.

Ellis House takes its name from the famous local naturalist, Ted Ellis, who became our first patron. Ted established a nature reserve at Wheatfen, near Surlingham when he leased 150 acres of land in 1946. This provided him with an excellent base from which to work. He was Keeper of Natural History at the Castle Museum, Norwich until 1956 when he decided to concentrate on writing and later broadcasting. He passed away in 1986 and his widow, Phyllis established the Ted Ellis Trust so that her husbands work could be continued and the nature reserve developed.

Phyllis also took over as patron of Ellis House and down the years devoted many hours to supporting it. She gave talks, took assemblies and kept everyone up to date with what was going on at Wheatfen. In return the pupils undertook a variety of fundraising duties to help support the work of the trust. She passed away in June, 2004 and will be sadly missed by all of us.

We continue our proud association with the Ellis family by supporting the Ted Ellis Trust whenever possible. We feel that supporting a nature reserve helps the members of Ellis House to appreciate that we are all only ever guardians of our environment. Whether it be the school or the planet, we have a responsibility to those around us now as well as those who follow. We must respect their rights too.

In Ellis House we try to foster a spirit of peaceful co-operation. We encourage pupils to take on responsibility whether as House Council members, prefects, sports captains or form captains but above all we want them to work together, for each other.

Miss E Perchard
Head of House