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The present House system was set up in 1975.

Cheshire House is named after Sir Leonard Cheshire, who died in July 1992. He was a wartime pilot whose experiences made him all too aware of human suffering. Shortly after World War II he started to look after a disabled person in his own home and very soon began to work towards setting up 'homes' rather than hospitals/institutions. The movement grew and there are now numerous Cheshire Homes, both nationally and internationally.

Our local Cheshire Home is 'The Grove' at East Carleton, and caters for disabled and terminally ill people of all ages.

Cheshire Homes rely on support groups for their existence.It was thought, therefore, that the pupils would benefit from the real life experiences of meeting the residents informally, and being able to raise money for a worthwhile cause. During each year the staff and pupils of Cheshire House organise and participate in fund-raising events and the money raised is put towards special projects which, in the past, have included specialised lifting apparatus, the provision and installation of a mobile telephone in the Home, crockery and Christmas fare.

Our senior pupils have attended Annual General Meetings at The Grove and pupils help at the Annual Fete. All pupils in the House have the opportunity to visit the Home on an informal basis to meet the residents which is a highly valuable experience for the pupils, and is greatly appreciated by the staff and residents of the Home.

Care, courtesy, consideration and friendliness are the cornerstones of the House philosophy and much energy is put into promoting these important aspects of school life. The House reflects the ethos of the school by maintaining high standards of behaviour, dress and speech.

Pupils are encouraged to involve themselves in all House and School activities which include music, drama, public speaking and sport.

Mr J Ellis
Head of House