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The present House system at Wymondham High School was set up in 1975 with four pastoral Houses, each named after a prominent person.

Abbey House was introduced in September 2000 and the House is named after Wymondham Abbey. This moves away from the tradition of the other Houses as it was felt that a House associated with local heritage would be appropriate. Abbey was chosen as Wymondham Abbey has played a prominent role in the local community for many years and is featured on our school badge and tie.

The House

  • reflects the ethos of the School by maintaining high standards of discipline and behaviour. Students are encouraged to suggest any action or charity, locally or nationally, they feel merit their support. Thus promoting a sense of ownership;
  • endeavours to further its links with Wymondham Abbey by becoming involved with its projects - such as conservation within the Abbey grounds. As individuals we have a responsibility to conserve our local heritage for future generations. Associating the House with the Abbey fosters an interest in our local heritage;
  • encourages students to take on responsibility within the House and also in the wider environment.

Abbey House events next academic year will include a House Evening.

To find out more about the House and what has been happening recently please visit the School Website.

Mr S Simms
Head of House