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Wymondham High Head Boy and Head Girl

Head Boy and Head Girl 2016-17


Wymondham High Head Boy and Head Girl with Deputies

Head Boy and Girl with
Deputy Head Boy and Girl

From the Head Boy and Head Girl, welcome to our school and website. The principal's council for 2016-17 was chosen in June 2016 and is there to bridge the gap between of the students to the teachers, so that the school communities can work like it does to provide a safe and strong environment for students.

The team consists of two House Captains from each of the Houses to form a panel of 8 students. From this group of 8 the Head Boy, Head Girl and Deputies are appointed with interviews from the Senior Leadership Team. We are a very rare group this year in as such that we have 6 girls and 2 boys instead of equal numbers but this hasn't stopped us.

During weekly meetings on Thursday in Mr Rockey's office we talk about a range of issues and topics. This year we working to provide students with a happy and safe working environment where they can reach their full potential. We are also role models for the school, an image that students can look up to. Also, as House Captains, we look out for our Houses and actively help to make sure our Houses run smoothly and offer students in the House the support and information they need with the Heads of House and the Prefect Teams.

We are given the power to make decisions and have a say on school affairs. We give feedback on the day to day running's and evaluate if events were successful or not, learning from mistakes and teaching ourselves valuable skills, that will help our own lives/careers. By having regular meetings, we can voice the opinion of the school and how students perceive their experiences of their education, wellbeing, that sometimes teachers can miss or not realise. This only strengthens the wonderful community our school is. Finally, we play a great role in organising many events on the school calendar, from helping at Celebration Evenings/Open Days up to organising Year 11 Winter Formal.

The Team is an essential part of what makes the school and we hope that throughout this year we can only help to improve and make our school as good as it can be.


From Your Principal's Council:

Head Boy: Sinaan Hanif
Head Girl: Jessica Clark
Deputy-Head Boy: Ewan Holmes
Deputy-Head Girl: Angela Li
Assistant-Head Girls: Beth Harmer, Rebecca Greenslade, Jessica Burchett, Yen-Yen Loke

              Principals Council 2016-17