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Main School Brochure 2017-18


Year 8 Options Booklet 2017


Year 8 Options Application Form


Behaviour Policy


Complaints Policy


Anti Bullying Policy


Safeguarding Policy


Healthy School Certificate











Main School Brochure 2016-17


Single Equality Scheme Policy


Sex Education Policy


Race Equality Policy


Homework Policy


Literacy Policy


Health and Safety Policy


Home School Agreement Policy


Examinations Policy


Freedom of Information Policy


Drugs Policy


Educational Visits Policy


Curriculum Policy


Data Protection Policy


Attendance Policy


Charges for School Activities Policy


Acceptable Use Policy


Able Gifted and Talented Policy


Accessibility Plan Policy


Assemblies Policy


Marking, Feedback and Assessment Policy


Sixth Form Admissions 2016-17


Main School Admissions 2016-17


Careers Policy 2014


Library Policy 2014


Supporting Students with Medical Conditions


Individual Healthcare Plan


Parental Agreement for Setting to Administer Medicine


Asthma Care Plan


Attendance Booklet


Pupil Premium Statement 2014-15


Pupil Premium Funding Statement 2015-16 (Expenditure)


Pupil Premium Funding Statement 2015-16


Year 7 Catch-Up
Premium Statement


2015 Final Signed Accounts


2016 Final Signed Accounts


Pupil Premium Plan 2016-17

Review 2015-16 Pupil Premium Statement

Year 8 Options Booklet 2015
Year 8 Options Booklet 2016
Year 8 Options Application Form 2016