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About Us / Welcome From Head Boy and Girl 2014-2015

Wymondham High Head Boy and Head Girl

Head Boy - Lawrence Pfeiffer and Head Girl - Francesca Field

Hello and welcome to our school's website. Selected in June 2014, the Principal's Council exists to help bridge the gap between students and staff in the school. We consist of the 2 House Captains of each house and from the group, the Head Boy/Girl, Vice-Head Girl/Boy and the Assistant Heads are picked. We work alongside Mr Boulton and other senior staff to make sure that everyone knows what is necessary to make the school the best it can be and to ensure the satisfaction of both students and teachers alike. We have weekly meetings at break on Thursday where we discuss any ideas that students have presented to us and talk about current affairs within the school.

Through us, students of all years have a voice and can share their opinions about the day-to-day running of the school. It also means that we can give feedback to staff about how pupils receive any changes to the school day and for them to base their improvements upon that feedback. We also run a Twitter account (@WyHighHC) where people can make suggestions and help to send information out to students; this can range from dates, times and events to just regular updates about what is happening in the school from the perspective of other pupils. Alongside that, we plan many of the events that happen in our year and supervise new projects that run in school time, such as the sports shack which was planned and created by the Principal's Council and is run by older members of the student body.

We believe that the Principal's Council is a key part of improving and maintaining the high standards at our already excellent school, and that it gives students the opportunity to have a larger involvement in the way their own affairs are handled and to experience leadership situations. The Principal's Council is something that has been happening for many years we hope it continues in the future.


From Your Principal's Council:

Head Girl: Francesca Field
Head Boy: Lawrence Pfeiffer
Vice-Head Girl: Alice Cooke
Vice-Head Boy: Alex Rennie
Assistant-Head Girls: Emily Durston and Chloe Hunter
Assistant-Head Boys: Joey Greenslade and Filip Stanislawski

              Principals Council 2014-15