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About Us / Welcome From Head Boy and Girl 2013-2014

Wymondham High Head Boy and Head Girl Hello and welcome to our school's website. Selected in June 2013 as Head Boy and Head Girl, we work alongside Mr Boulton, Mr Rockey and the rest of the senior leadership team in addition to the rest of the Principal's Council. We meet every Thursday at break time to discuss current affairs within the school in addition to helping to improve all aspects of school life. We also attend student council meetings which also involve younger pupils in lower years; it is refreshing to listen to a different point of view and take on board any comments and ideas. Not only do we assist the principal in any way we can, we will often meet visitors and show them round the school, warmly welcoming them into our community.

Overall, we feel that our school is an exceptional one. It offers a unique experience for us and the rest of the other pupils whilst maintaining and improving a high standard of work. This can be seen on our fantastic exam results that are produced year in, year out. We believe that we make excellent progress in lessons and are always confident in our teachers; taking pride in everything we do. The help and guidance that is offered to us is always of the finest quality that the school can give; in particular when it comes to choosing GCSE options and further education applications post-16. There is always someone to go to should anyone need reassurance and a friendly face because all the staff and students are approachable as well as being easy to talk to and get along with.

There is a wide range of PE clubs and after school helplines all across the curriculum; these offer students a chance to excel in chosen subjects they enjoy. The amount of effort staff put into running them never fails to impress visitors and those pupils attending them. Something that our school also offers that we feel is truly amazing is the DofE (Duke Of Edinburgh) award scheme for anyone who wishes to participate in the appropriate year groups. We learn essential, possibly life-saving, skills such as first aid and navigation. Part of the award is also about volunteering and being active; two traits that make an excellent work person and help mould us into model students and good members of society.

Despite the fact that everyone originates from different primary schools in the surrounding area, this division isn't noticeable and everyone is part of the 'Wymondham High Academy community' the second they join the school. Even if people join after year 7, they are welcomed whole-heartedly and there is no sign of segregation. Our academy offers an environment whereby students feel relaxed and safe; we have never felt left out or abandoned. The attendance is above the national average reflecting how committed we are to achieving our best. Student effort is regularly recognised through our 'curriculum credit' scheme, the attendance awards and good-uniform badges. We feel that this makes our time and energy worthwhile and noticed, improving morale and sense of personal pride.

We truly enjoy our time at the school and find that being Head Boy and Head Girl means we can immerse ourselves in school life, striving to help further improve our institution of excellence whilst preserving a high work ethic.

By Josh Field and Beth Palmer.