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Main School Admissions 2016-17

This round is for places in Year 7 and for children in their last year at a Primary or Junior school (aged 11+ on 1 September 2016). These pupils are deemed 'due to transfer' which is a term used in admissions rules.

The round opens 8th September 2015 and closes 31st October 2015

Applications forwarded to other Local Authorities: 27th November 2015

Applications forwarded to other admission authorities: 4th December 2015

Applications returned by other admission authorities: 15th January 2016

Co-ordinated scheme applied (no further changes until after offer day): 8th February 2016

If you still need to apply for a secondary school place please contact Norfolk Admissions.

 Appeals Process and Timetable

Wymondham High Academy, the Admissions Authority, manages the appeals process and employs Norfolk County Council as our representative at appeal hearings. Norfolk County Council operates the following timetable for co-ordinating Year 7 transfer admission appeals for Wymondham High Academy.

The schools application outcome letter that is sent to parents on 1st March 2016 (National Offer Day) by Norfolk County Council explains the legal right to appeal against the refusal of a place at any school they have applied for. If you applied online and opted to be notified by email you will receive an email confirming the place on the afternoon of 3rd March; otherwise you can log into your account on the Norfolk online admissions website on the afternoon of 1st March where details of the place offered will be available.

Parents wishing to appeal should take note of the timetable below.

  • The last day for accepting a place in Year 7 for September 2016 or for lodging an appeal is 18th March 2016.
  • A mini admission round will be held to consider changes on 4th April 2016.
  • Appeals Hearing for places in Year 7 for entry in September 2016 will be held May/June 2016 - dates to be confirmed.
  • If a preference has been refused for Wymondham High Academy your child's name will be maintained on a waiting list for the Academy until the end of December 2016.  The waiting list is held and managed by Norfolk County Council.

 Full information about the admission process in Norfolk as well as frequently asked questions can be found in the parents' guide to admissions to schools in Norfolk.

Please contact Mrs Karen Webdale, Admissions Officer, at Wymondham High Academy for further information about admission to the academy or about arranging a visit.  Tel: 01953 602078.  Email: webdalek@wh-at.net.

Further information about the transfer process in Norfolk and an application form can be found here.

If you have further questions about admissions please contact Norfolk Admissions.

Main School Admissions 2016-17
Sixth Form Admissions 2016-17